Application Instructions

The Application Procedure

All applicants for admission to the Law School are required to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and must register for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Contact LSAC directly to register for the LSAT and the Credential Assembly Service at 215.968.1001 or via the Internet at Students applying for full-time admission must take the LSAT no later than February of the year for which they are applying. Students applying for part-time admission must take the LSAT no later than June of the year for which they are applying. (LSAT scores taken within the last five years are considered valid.) LSAT results are available to candidates approximately four weeks after each LSAT date. You may submit your Law School application before or after you register for or take the LSAT. Early application is encouraged for both admission and potential scholarship consideration.

Marquette University Law School utilizes a paperless JD application process. Candidates apply using the online application, accessible from the LSAC website or the Marquette Law School website. Please refrain from submitting any materials to the Office of Admissions in hard-copy form, unless instructed otherwise. The application fee payment of $50 must be submitted via credit card or debit check card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa); please do not submit payment via cash, check, or money order.

Full-time and part-time applicants are subject to the same admission standards, application procedures, requirements, and processing. Offers of admission are for the upcoming fall. All offers of admission are conditioned upon the applicant providing an official, final baccalaureate transcript from his/her degree-granting institution prior to enrollment.

  Begin Submitting Applications Priority Application Deadline*
Full-Time September 1 April 1
Part-Time September 1 June 1

A candidate for part-time entrance may take the June LSAT, provided the application and all other supporting materials are filed prior to June 1.

*Again, early application is encouraged. The Admissions Committee reviews files in the order in which they are completed. Applicants will be notified by e-mail when their application files are complete (including our receipt of the LSAC Law School Report). Typically, applicants receive notification from the Admissions Committee within eight weeks after their applications become complete. Applicants are promptly notified on a rolling basis of any action taken on their applications by the Admissions Committee. Admitted applicants will be required to submit tuition deposits.

If a candidate will apply for a joint degree program, he/she must submit two distinct applications, one to the Law School and one to the other school/program, and must fulfill all of the application requirements (entrance examinations, fees, deadlines, etc.) for each program.

In the interest of equity, no evaluative interviews are conducted as part of the application review process. Applicants are welcome, however, to submit in writing any information they believe is relevant to their applications.

Completing Your Law School Application

Please answer each question fully. All affirmative responses to character and fitness questions must be accompanied by full, detailed descriptive statements. If additional space is needed for any response, please use electronic attachments and reference your response. Résumés are strongly encouraged. An electronic certification is required. Requests for changes in the status of applications must be sent in writing to the Law School Office of Admissions (e.g., by applicants who desire to change their application division from full-time to part-time, or vice versa, or who will take the LSAT on a date other than the one indicated on their application).

Recommendations. One letter of recommendation is required. A letter of recommendation should provide a candid evaluation of your intellectual abilities, moral character, and special talents. We encourage, but do not require, that the letter of recommendation be written by a professor (or instructor) that taught you in a class. A letter of recommendation from a current employer may be submitted. The Admissions Committee strongly prefers that your recommendation(s) be submitted through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service that serves all member schools. This service is included in your Credential Assembly Service registration. Your letter(s) will be scanned and sent to us along with your LSAC Law School Report. To use this service, follow the directions for submitting letters outlined at Letters of recommendation may not be electronically inserted ("cut and pasted") into a candidate's application.


Those reapplying for admission are required to submit a current version of the Law School application, an addendum to the application summarizing their activities since the previous application was made, an application fee, and to renew their Credential Assembly Service registration, if necessary. The items from the prior application that may be reused are recommendation(s), the personal statement, and, if submitted, any optional statement(s).

International Applicants

International applicants are required to take the LSAT and should follow the regular application procedures including subscribing to the Credential Assembly Service; see for information on the Credential Assembly Service for international applicants. In addition to the LSAT, international applicants whose first language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Inquiries regarding TOEFL should be directed to PO Box 6151, Princeton, NJ 08541-6151, USA. (e-mail: TOEFL score reports should be sent to LSAC/Credential Assembly Service, not to Marquette Law School.

Financial Aid Information

Information regarding the electronic version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and related information will be automatically sent to admitted applicants as soon as it becomes available for the school year that you will be applying for, probably in early February. Marquette's title code is 003863. All applicants offered admission are considered for scholarships as long as funds remain available; no separate application is required or used.


Please be certain to include the following items with your application. Missing items will delay processing.

  • Completed application form with electronic certification
  • Personal Statement
  • Résumé or curriculum vitae (strongly encouraged)
  • Descriptive statement(s) regarding affirmative response(s) to character and fitness questions, if applicable
  • $50 application fee
  • Letter of Recommendation (submitted through LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (CAS) or directly by the recommender)

Credit card payment (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) is accepted for applications; please do not send checks, money orders, or cash.

No application is complete upon transmission. After receipt of your application, the Office of Admissions will request your law school report from the Credential Assembly Service. Your law school report will be matched with your application and supporting materials.

All materials relating to admission or your Law School application should be directed to the Law School Office of Admissions. Once submitted, all materials become the property of the Law School and will not be returned.