On the Issues: Marquette Law School May Poll


Join us at Eckstein Hall as the Law School releases a new poll on the 2014 gubernatorial campaign and public policy issues. How are views of the candidates changing? What role do economic evaluations play in the race? Which candidate has the right experience? Which voters are most likely to turn out this November and who may be thinking of staying home? And how much trust do voters have in the political system these days? Do they think government pays attention to them? And do they think vote fraud is a major issue in Wisconsin elections? The director of the Law School Poll, Prof. Charles Franklin, will go inside the numbers with Mike Gousha, as the countdown to November continues. The Marquette Law School Poll is the most extensive, independent statewide polling project in Wisconsin history. Since its inception in 2012, the poll has provided highly accurate estimates of election outcomes, and has gauged public opinion on a variety of major policy issues.


  • Eckstein Hall
  • 1215 W. Michigan Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233